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The older we get, the deeper the connection and understanding of our relationship with our health grows. Nurturing this relationship with intentions of love and respect is something everyone deserves. I find inspiration in the strength and resilience of my clients, and would like to extend my support, continue learning and share this journey online.

In my clinical practice, it’s my privilege to facilitate a healing environment and to encourage people to incorporate health and wellness in their everyday lives. Massage is a great way to start and continue this wellness journey. I hope you enjoy and feel bolstered by my content.

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Home-grown offerings from my blog

Join me as I reflect on my own journey to wellbeing, and the support I offer my clients.

An image of the massage table with a client's testimonial: "After years of searching for the right massage therapist, I really like Dominique's whole-body approach to massage, particularly her thoughtfulness."

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