A portrait of photographer Laura Shortt, wearing a mask and holding a camera

Introducing Laura Shortt

I recently had the pleasure of working with the extremely talented Laura Shortt. She is the genius behind the branding photographs I am using for my social media handles and website. Through multiple wardrobe changes, my awkward smiles and poses she was nothing but encouraging. Gracing me with her patient directives and clear knowledge of her craft the afternoon we spent together passed swiftly. I am absolutely delighted with the results. Please take the time to get to know Laura Shortt.

An image of a dill plant with two speech bubbles saying: "Just dill with it," and "That's a bit mulch."

What’s growing in my garden 2020

What’s growing in my garden 2020

This past year has led me to reflect on how much my daily habits affect and enrich my life.

My veggie garden has definitely been a practice I’ve enjoyed cultivating this season. Five years ago, when I planted my first plot I never realized how enriching this hobby would become. From practical knowledge, patience, community and the act of sharing have all been pillars I’ve been gradually developing due to my time in my yard.